Due to growing immigration from the east to the west and more and more examples of unfair practices towards immigrants, we have established a package of free assistance services within 2BeFair foundation for all people who want to work and live in Europe.

To Be Fair - this motto is really important to us. We believe in the value of being honest and the power of truthful action, we want to protect and promote it among the global community for mutual benefit. The foundation's goal is comprehensive assistance to all those who want to work and live in Europe, in the area of:

  • finding a job among verified by us employers in Europe;
  • help in finding accommodation in the state indicated by you;
  • our experts and volunteers help at every stage of cooperation;
  • we will help in all formalities;
  • we care about a long-lasting relationship with you, that's why you can always contact us.
Start a new life in Europe and gain financial independence.

Stories of people that we have helped:
,,My name is Anatolii, I am from the city of Kharkov.

Now I live in Szczecin, Poland. I work as a confectioner assistant in production. I decided to use the help of the Fund 2BeFair, which volunteers helped me to establish contact with the employer, I have received assistance in all the formalities. And, most importantly, I got help in finding accommodation. I am very grateful to the volunteers, and that I feel their support and willingness to help. I recommend to contact the Fundation.”

Roman took advantage of the free care package:

- Job serch
- Accomodation search
- Work and residence legalisation
- Assuming polish bank account
- Polish phone number registration

My name is Anna, I am from Filintsy village located in Zhytomir region.

Now I live in Goleniow, Westpomeranian Voievodeship in Poland and I work in Warehouse. I am responsible for packaging products (clothes, toys, various types of decorating accessories). Thanks to this job I have met many wonderful people, and also I got financial stablilization. Thanks to this work and the possibility of decent salary I am able to help my sick mother, who lives in Ukraine and to whom I am sending money I earned for medicines and livlihood. I want to thank the volonteers for their assistance and support, primarily for assistance with all formalities related to work and residence legalisation. Thank you.

Anna took advantage of the free care package:

- Job search
- Accomodation search
- Work and residence legalisation
- Assuming polish bank account

I am Roman, I am from the city of Mariupol located in Donetsk region.

I worked mainly in construction works like many of my friends. The tense situation in my region and the effects of active combat operations in 2014, led to the fact that my city has almost disappeared. Such unstable situation made me decided about moving to Europe and starting a new life. Serching for support in looking for a job and accommodation I started in Internet, using Google browser I found 2BeFair Foundation which I asked for support. Volonteers surrounded me with their care. They showed me step by step what should I to get a legal work. For the workplace I chose Poland because I can speak Polish. I am currently working on the production line in the seaside town of Świnoujście. I really appreciate the tranquility and the seaside climate. Big thanks to the Foundation for their support and giving the chances for having a peaceful and secure life.”

Roman took advantage of the free care package:
- Job serch
- Accomodation search
- Work and residence legalisation
- Assuming polish bank account

A trip to work and change of place of live are very often emotions related to parting with relatives or adaptation in a new environment. We perfectly understand the human needs that are associated with it. We have already helped thousands of people find a job in a new country and change their lives so far.
W związku z rosnącą imigracją ze wschodu na zachód oraz coraz liczniejszymi przykładami nieuczciwych praktyk wobec osób imigrujących, powołaliśmy do życia pakiet usług bezpłatnej pomocy w ramach naszej fundacji 2BeFair dla wszystkich osób chcących pracować i mieszkać w Europie.

To Be Fair - to hasło ma dla nas szczególne znaczenie. Wierzymy w wartość bycia uczciwym i moc uczciwego działania, chcemy ją chronić i promować wśród społeczności globalnej dla obopólnych korzyści. Celem fundacji jest kompleksowa pomoc wszystkim osobom chcącym pracować i mieszkać w Europie, w zakresie:

  • znalezienia pracy wśród zweryfikowanych przez nas pracodawców w Europie
  • pomoc w znalezieniu zakwaterowania we wskazanym przez Ciebie państwie
  • nasi eksperci, a także wolontariusze służą pomocą na każdym etapie współpracy
  • pomożemy we wszystkich formalnościach
  • zależy nam na długotrwałej relacji z Tobą, dlatego zawsze możesz się z nami kontaktować
Rozpocznij nowe życie w Europie i zdobądź niezależność finansową.

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